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Shaun Wright-Phillips: ‘Grealish is the closest thing to Gazza I’ve seen...’

High praise from SWP.

Manchester City v RB Leipzig: Group A - UEFA Champions League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Shaun Wright-Phillips says Jack Grealish is the closest player to Paul Gascoigne that he has seen. Very high praise from SWP.

The England legend is widely considered to be one of the most talented footballers this country has produced. He is constantly being mentioned among the very best.

Blessed with grace, style and an exceptional confidence in his own ability, he was a match-winner who could change the game in an instant with his eye for the spectacular.

SWP said Grealish is close-

“I love to watch him play,”

“When he was at Villa, he was, for me, the closest thing you’re going to get to Paul Gascoigne. Once he gets more comfortable the more and more of it we’re going to see.

“You can have two players on him but he’ll find the way through to create that chance.

“The way teams play against City, where they sit back a lot, you need that cute player who, no matter how many players you put round them, he still thinks he can beat all of them. I think you need that.

“The one thing Pep is going to bring to his game is that he doesn’t need to be the one to do it all the time.

“There’s others in the team who can do that as well, maybe not the way he does it, but in a different way.”

A great day for Grealish and the future is bright for City withy many young players already showing elite level skill.