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Guardiola On Leaving Manchester City: It Can Be In One Month, In Two Years, In Three Years

Blues Boss Seeks To Clarify City Leaving Date

Leicester City v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has given an indication that he may not be quitting the blues in two years as previously reported.

Last month, the City manager engaged in a Zoom call in Brazil last month, where he said that he will take a break from football when his spell at City ends. That lead to a frenzy, with supporters believing the Catalan boss would be quitting the blues in 2023 when his current contract expires.

However, it transpires that what Guardiola actually meant was when he is finished at City completely, and has said that could be in three months, or five years.

“I didn’t say after two years I will finish my period in Manchester City,” the City boss clarified. “I can leave maybe in two months if the results are not good or if the organisation is tired of me or if I cannot handle better the players. I can leave in three months or I can leave in five years.

“What I said in my Zoom connection with the people in Brazil is after my period with Manchester City I will take a break, that is for sure. It can be in one month, in two years, in three years, in four years, in five years.”

“Right now, I don’t have reasons to leave but I am thinking in two seasons I am going to leave Manchester City. When I am finished here, I will take a rest a little bit after 12 or 13 years without a stop.”

Of course, it will happen one day, and blues fans will need to be prepared for that. But indications are that the manager may well extend his stay with City a little further, which will be good news for the faithful but not so much for supporters of other clubs, who seemed to prematurely celebrate the Catalan’s departure upon hearing the interview.