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Manchester City Beat Leicester City, 1-0: Reaction & Tweets

A great win away.

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Manchester City have survived a tense match as they beat Leicester City 1-0 in a great match away to avenge the Community Shield loss.

This time City played well from whistle to whistle and concluded a very game performance v a strong side.

Pep and his men proved they can play well and Ferran Torres and Gabriel Jesus especially.

A win, clean sheet and we move, on to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“He (Silva) played really well the last two games,”

“I am pretty sure [he can have a big season]. It is not always the quality he plays with, he has an incredible work ethic.

“We are happy he is here and in the future we’ll see what happens.

“Today, the connection with Jack and Joao was brilliant. In general, it was all of them.

“We suffered sometimes because they defend deep and use the counter-attack.

“With Schmeichel they have the quality to put the ball in the right spots and after they make the movements with the full-backs and they move outside with Vardy in behind.

“Some moments were difficult, we knew it. Always we suffer against Leicester.

“It was the same in the Community Shield, we had a good game. Today was different, we were able to win.”

“I like to have one or two players in the side who go to the natural side,”

“So, when Jack Grealish plays right and Gundo plays right, every movement in behind is not on the proper foot, they have to turn.

“The first action we had when Jack played with Bernardo, he dribbled and made a cross.

“Before, the winger the wingers always played, right footed, left side, left footed last side, but the last few years we have had the tendency to have a right foot on the left and a left foot on the right.

“At least one or two of the three need to be on the natural foot to be effective in the final third.

“They can play both sides of course. Bernardo prefers to play on the right, so it can happen.”

“After the international break it is not one of the best places to come. We played really well.

“We conceded few [chances], we created a lot and unfortunately we could not score more goals, but the big signal to be solid during one season is the way we played.

“The last three games we were incredibly good and that’s why our victories are there.”

Notable Tweets