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Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden Out an Indefinite Amount of Time

City to start the PL season without two stars.


A bad start to the opening week of the Premier League as it look like Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne will be out and indefinite amount of time.

Starting with our talisman, recent reports had Kevin visiting renowned Dr. Cugat in Barcelona to assess the ligament damage to his ankle. A big injury could see the Belgian wizard miss out for several months, as many as six. Extreme care will be needed with him as he is key to City’s successes this campaign.

The Foden news is may be less severe as initial reports have him out for six matches or three to four weeks. Which hurts, but City can manage. He has been touched up since the end of the Euros and with care now until September could make his debut then. Foden is dealing with a foot injury and it’s not deemed serious and will be back within that timeline.

This will mean Jack Grealish will learn by trial and error as he will be a key cog now with these two creatives out. Let’s hope he plays up to his level.

Thoughts on injuries and Grealish’s expected role?