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Manchester City unveil Third Kit to mixed emotions

One word review, ehh.

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Manchester Unveil Third Kit to mixed emotions and some jus down right dislike it. From the club they claim it’s a different and bold design.

Seeing many other teams with the exact same template challenges that notion.

From City’s press release-

City and PUMA are proud to unveil the new 2021/22 third kit – a City strip like no other!

The bold new progressive jersey takes traditional design and rewrites the rules to push the boundaries of football kit design.

As part of PUMA’s Faster Football movement, the brand aims to challenge convention, innovate, and bring fresh products to football.

The navy blue jersey with light blue detailing features an innovative use of the Club’s crest as a tonal repeat graphic embossed into the fabric.

This creates a striking and unique effect, with the crest also appearing on the back of the jersey beneath the collar.

I’m not a fan, but i guess sales will dictate whether this experiment is a success.

Thoughts on new kit?