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Harry Kane Deal Seems Unlikely as even £150M alone would not be enough -report

This deal grows unlikelier by the day.

Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Manchester City’s pursuit of Harry Kane seems to be nearing conclusion. The club are supposed to bid near the money required soon, but recent reports from Indy Football claim that £150M alone would not be enough but could ‘at least open negotiations, and allow the inclusion of several add-ons.’

That’s insane and Daniel Levy is a madman to turn this money down. Man City is seemingly desperate to get Kane and even that will not be enough. Kane will never command this money again and this will be a wasted opportunity for both clubs. For City it is because a lack of a second choice is glaringly short sighted and Spurs need they money so just take it.

Frankly, it’s become a full on nightmare and I’m tired of it, Robbie.

City needed a second choice and could rue this day as Kane seems unlikely to join now. I know the supporters are divided on his signing for that money, but he would fill the need.

It would be a shame if it does not get done.

Thoughts on the Kane saga?