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Harry Kane Operation Still on, Manchester City to Offer New Bid

A new bid and buddy, it’s huge!

Italy v England - UEFA Euro 2020: Final Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Manchester City is still in the news and chasing after Harry Kane pretty hard. The dalliance continues as City push hard for the English striker.

In new information that was released today noted transfer expert Fab Romano had a very key update on the situation -

That is a substantial bid at roughly 127 million pounds. The news surrounding Kane and his exit has been messy. Two recent reports had contradicting news, one claiming Kane could signa new deal with Spurs and the other claiming the deal will be done by next weekend.

Frankly, its anyone’s guess whether City get him and the window closing soon should provide clarity. What still bugs me a bit is the shortsightedness of City to not chase any other strikers. If they get Kane it will all be moot, but what if they don’t? City need to be more decisive in transfers.

Either way we should expect a firm decision sooner rather than later.