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Where will Jack Grealish fit in at Man City?

New City star will have big expectations.

Jack Grealish registered 0.41 assists per 90 minutes last season, 2nd only to Kevin De Bruyne, but how can we expect to see him deployed next season?

Grealish was generally deployed down the left wing during his time at Aston Villa, a position we have been used to seeing Sterling occupy, and more recently Foden.

Therefore, with the attacking abundance that City have at their disposal, it would be no surprise to see Grealish occupying deeper positions. Gundogan was the master of sitting deep and dragging players out of position, waiting for an opening, so it seems a good fit for someone so good at passing, as well as recovering possession.

In the event that City do not sign a striker in this window, De Bruyne, as we have seen before, could be deployed as a false 9 with Grealish assuming responsibility for the creativity, and unlocking stubborn defences.

Ultimately, rotation will be key for Guardiola, and the line-up will depend on the opponent and the circumstances, as we have become accustomed to throughout Pep’s tenure.

With the 2 most creative players of the 20/21 season now playing side by side, it is an exciting time for City fans, and we can expect to see a profusion of chances created next season.

The only matter to resolve for City is somebody to put the chances away.