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Vicky Losada: “The reason I picked City: it’s a big team.”

New City star happy to be at club.

Vicky Losada is an impact move by Manchester City. One that will allow them to compete for all titles next season.

Losada spoke about her reason for coming to the blue side of Manchester and much more.

Let’s dive in-

“It was pretty tough for me [to leave Barcelona],” she admitted. “I was thinking about it for months.

“Winning the Champions League made things easier. This is a new adventure for me. I’m very ambitious and looking forward to it.

“The reasons I picked City: it’s a big team. I want to keep playing big games, like the Champions League.

“City was the best team Barcelona played against. I had the feeling that in the first game they were respecting us too much – although we were playing very good football - but they showed the team they are in the second leg.

“For me, it was the perfect team to join after last season.

“I know they haven’t won the league trophy for the last few years. I think I can help them.

“The English league is very competitive. The English league is the toughest one.

“I have seen Manchester City play and it reminds me of four years ago when I played for Barca.

“Every year, they’re better and hopefully, football gives us more of a chance to fight for other trophies.

“The league is probably the first priority but the Champions League is a massive game where you can show the team you are.

“They are the games that make you better in the future.”

“The facilities are better than at Barcelona – with the weather, the grass isn’t always very nice.

“I’m looking forward to seeing it and the city. Football gives us a chance to share different cultures, languages.

Best of luck to Losada for this new season!