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Raheem Sterling in a limbo with regards to status at Manchester City

Could he really leave City?

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Ukraine v England - UEFA Euro 2020: Quarter-final Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

Raheem Sterling in a limbo with regards to status at Manchester City. There have been conflicting reports as some have him negotiating an extension and some have him very open to moving from Manchester City.

Sam Lee of the Athletic had a great read on this conundrum (subscription required and recommended) about this problem.

Sterling is a mercurial player and his fantastic Euro performance can only enhance his value as he has been arguably the player of the tournament.

To me, I want Sterling to get his well deserved extensional and be at the forefront of leading City to their first ever Champions League title. I do understand it is not that simple. Sterling may want a different challenge and that could even be abroad.

The problems that arise then is who will take him? The heavy hitter other than Paris Saint Germain are all struggling and barely staying afloat in the pandemic stricken economy.

It’s why his safest move is resign a couple years and stay where he is comfortable. Playing time may diminish , but it could be the motivator for him as he has in the England national team with several quality players right behind him in the pecking order.

What should Raheem Sterling do? Let us know in the comments.