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Jack Grealish in “Advanced Stages’ of Manchester City Deal -report

City on verge of deal.

Aston Villa v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Neville Williams/Aston Villa FC via Getty Images

We have developments in the Jack Grealish transfer. It seems the transfer in at ‘advanced stages’ and could be completed this week.

From Sam Lee at The Athletic. Sam also had a great thread about the pitfalls of reporting on these and all transfers that is worth your time.

This development seems old, but many on social media have not heard of it, so I’m taking a gander at it. The deal as The Athletic reported it is not done yet because of a fee as Grealish has agreed a ‘huge’ wage packet to come to Manchester City.

The deal while at an advanced stage is still in threat of being U-turned as some deal have in the past. (Notably Jorginho and Alexis Sanchez)

Grealish is an asset for any team and City should have the fortitude to wrap this up quickly.

Only time will tell.

Do you want Grealish?