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Manchester City ‘Willing’ to Meet Erling Haaland Price

Man City could break their transfer record.

Norway v Greece - International Frienldy Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Manchester City has began the summer transfer season in earnest.

Thanks to MEN for the report. The news also trickled out today that Chelsea are preparing a £150m deal for the Norwegian star. A ridiculous sum for any player if we are honest.

The race is officially on and I do believe one of Manchester City or Chelsea will sign him.

Haaland is a know known quantity and is a really good player. The hype train may be on the rails though, as these prices keep inflating.

That is with the so called ‘covid rates’ supposedly deterring teams to spend more, which do not look like they effected City, Chelsea or PSG for that matter.

The arms race is real and it seems only 3-4 clubs are in on it.

I have no issue with that, that’s the way things break.

Which is why City would be wise to wrap up deals quicker rather than later. PSG is already done shopping and Chelsea is on the prowl chasing now.

Haaland and Jack Grealish being the only deals City get done, for me would be more than good. I would consider that a successful window.

Thoughts on new Haaland links?