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Inter Milan Stand Firm on Romelu Lukaku, Want 100M from Manchester City - report

City could be out of luck this summer on strikers.

Belgium Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Vincent Van Doornick/Isosport/MB Media/Getty Images

In the latest search for a striker, Manchester City have been told it will take 100 million Euros to take Romelu Lukaku from Milan to Manchester. The mercurial striker is having a grand old time at the Euros scoring almost at will and that will surely add to the speculation.

Especially contrasting with other City target Harry Kane who is having a rough go in the Euros.

I do think the Lukaku move would be better than Kane because of the familiarity with Kevin De Bruyne and it could be a boon at a certain price. Inter are needy for cash and City should play some hardball and drive that price down to 70-80m Euros.

Lukaku is not the same player he was before, his game has refined and is not only a back to goal striker anymore. He can do much more.

My one question is how will he handle the physicality of the Prem again, but with the amount of chance creation City create I don’t think that will be an issue.

Lastly, Lukaku with speedy wingers to his side and City’s style of play makes him a very good fit. I want this deal done.

Thoughts on Lukaku joining City?