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Super League Punishment for Manchester City Revealed

It... is not as bad as thought.

The Club Badges of the 12 European Super League teams Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Manchester City have been hit with fines and revenues loss over joining the Super League. City along with the other 8 clubs have been given fines and more. The agreement saw the nine of the 12 European Super League clubs have formally renounced the breakaway to UEFA and will now have 5% of their European competition revenue withheld for 1 season.

Romano confirmed reports made by the AP-

On top of that former Super League clubs have been ordered to pay €15M to youth and grassroots football in local communities across Europe. There’s a bit more as a deterrent UEFA have decided to fine any European club 100M if they agree to play in anything similar to the European Super League.

All in all, solid punishment as the fans won’t be impacted and the clubs should have enough deterrence to not try this ever again. The three renegade remaining will face even harsher punishment's that is still be weighing up.

Thoughts on punishment?