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Pep Talk: “Many things can happen. We just have to focus. It is so important to think of the Premier League.”

Pep is confidant of Prem title soon, but maybe not against Chelsea.

Manchester City v Paris Saint Germain - UEFA Champions League, Semi-Final second leg Photo by Andrew Yates/Icon Sport via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola had an interesting press conference. He touched on many topics from UCL clash to Chelsea tomorrow.

Let’s dive in-

“First of all, congratulations to them for reaching the final,” he said at his pre-match press conference.

“They made two good performances against the king of that competition in Real Madrid.

“If we played the final in one week, six days, there could [a significant impact], tut after tomorrow there are 21 or 22 days.

“Many things can happen. We just have to focus. It is so important to think of the Premier League.

“Of course, it is the opponent we’re going to face in the final but we’re going to try to play with the players suited to the way they play.”

“I’ve always said the Premier League is the most important title,” he added.

“We have four games left to get one victory and tomorrow we will try to get it.

“Right now, believe me when I say, there is not one thought about the final of the Champions League because we do not have the Premier League in our hands.

“When we have the Premier League, after the focus will be the final of the Champions League and everything will be related to the final.

“I am a cautious guy. In sport you don’t talk about it until you have it. We still need points.

“I could say we are going to think about the final, but nobody plays the way Chelsea play. Every opponent is completely different.

“People can think the guys who played against Dortmund or Monchengladbach will play in the final but right now I don’t know. Everyone has to be ready.

“Chelsea play differently so I will want everyone involved in next two or three weeks to prepare for the final.”

“I have a lot of respect for Thomas,”

“I have not been working with him so I don’t know [what he does], but he has always done really well.

“I am not surprised and huge compliments for what they have done so far.”

Pep is very smart with these conferences not really giving anything away. It will be interesting who plays v Chelsea tomorrow. Could be rotated heavily, we’ll have to wait and see.