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Raheem Sterling is living a dream with UCL Title in Reach

This is why he joined City.

Manchester City v Everton - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City will be in the biggest match of their history on Saturday and Raheem Sterling is ecstatic about it. He has lived a dream life winning all there is and this will be the final puzzle to as why he joined City, to win a UCL. He spoke about that, his play and more.

Let's check it out-

“I was very ambitious as a kid, always dreaming, but at the same time you would never think that you would be in a Champions League final,” he said.

“You would always say you would like to, but then your dreams become a reality. Since my time at this club, that has been the ultimate goal, to try to reach the final and to try and bring home the trophy.

“There is one game to go, that being a Champions League final, so you don’t need much more motivation than that.

“It would be a massive achievement. It is a club that, since I have come here, the way they want us to go is to win the Premier League and Champions League.

“But I know that the club won’t just be happy to get there.

“It is a club that is ambitious and growing all of the time so it would be a massive thing for the fans if we could get that first Champions League and hopefully, we can do it.

“Once you get a taste of something you want more and hopefully, we can win at the weekend and make history at this club.”

“We have played them twice [with Tuchel as manager] and lost twice but this is a Champions League final. On the day, things are a lot different. You go into it with a clean mindset, those games that happened against them in recent times go out the window.

“It is now about focusing on winning that trophy. The only thing that can stop us are ourselves if I am honest. It is a game where I expect a difficult test, but at the same time I expect us to pull through.”

Sterling has been a spectacular player since he has joined and while this season he has not been at his best, he is a big part of the club and why they arrived here. He is a foundational piece, hopefully Saturday he can contribute to City’s cause.