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Ederson Relishes Experience as he is set to Play in First UCL Final

Brazilian keeper happy with way City got here.

Manchester City v Everton - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

We grow nearer and nearer as Manchester City’s UCL Final match kicks off in less than a day and Ederson cannot wait. The Brazilian keeper spoke about winning up to this point, how he’s dealing with a first UCL final and relishing every moment.

Let’s dive in-

“It was always my dream as a player to be able to play a Champions League final,”

“I always worked hard to reach a moment like this.

“It’s very important for me to play a Champions League final, because it feels I have achieved the goal I always set for myself.

“Of course, not only for me, but for the rest of my teammates, the club and the fans as well. It’s the most important game in our careers.

“It’s a remarkable day for the players, but also for Manchester City.

“The final result will be a consequence of what we do during the game.

“It’s just one game and anything can happen, but I’m very happy for me and for the team for the moment we are living.

“I hope we can enjoy it and win the trophy.”

“Of course, being a Champions League final, it’s a completely different story. I hope the team can be focused and play a good game to get the final win.

“I don’t think there is one favourite. In just one game, it’s 50/50.

“I think it’s going to be a very competitive game and I hope it’s a great game to watch for the fans.”

Great thoughts by City’s keeper. He and the club certainly have endured a grind to reach this spot, but it will all be worth it with a win Saturday.