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Ruben Dias Concerned about Winning and Only Winning on Saturday

Star center back in the right frame of mind.

Manchester City FC Access Day - UEFA Champions League 2020/21 Final Photo by Michael Regan - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Ruben Dias is a man concerned with only one thing on Saturday. Winning at all costs. The star Portuegese center back spoke about the team’s togetherness, mentality and much more ahead of the UCL Final Sunday.

Let’s dive in-

“Since I began playing football, I’ve always been most concerned about winning and winning at all costs,”

“Whatever needs to happen, whoever I need to shout to, whatever I need to do to motivate or bring everyone together, to make everyone around me better, I will do it.

“I will learn how to speak to everybody. For every different person, you need to speak in different ways.

“I’ve had to improve my talent through the years but for me, it’s 50-50 – I had to improve my game technically, but I also had to improve my game in terms of relationships with everyone else.

“At the end, football is a collective sport, not an individual sport.

“You have many things to learn from individual sports, but our sport is more complete. It requires more capacities from you, and I’ve always tried to build on that, to be better on those chapters.

“That mentality right now, it has positives and negatives. We have won the Premier League title but I can’t celebrate it enough because I’m already thinking about the next title,”

“After you play a season, game after game every three days, the mentality is just that and it’s hard to shut off. We must not shut off. We just let it go.

“It’s beautiful what is happening - especially to win the Premier League and be in the Champions League Final.

Ruben Dias is a mentality monster. The club have needed someone of his ilk since Vinnie departed and now it has a great model for that. Dias will be at his best and hopefully he leads City to victory Saturday.