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Should Sergio Aguero Play in Saturday’s Champions League Final?

Will Pep Guardiola sub in Sergio Aguero?

Manchester City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

As Manchester City approach their Champions League Final against Chelsea on Saturday, we wonder if Pep Guardiola allow Sergio Aguero any playing time on the field? While City have proved to be successful most of this season without a striker, it is no secret that Aguero has been more than reliable when this team has needed him in some of the most iconic moments in the past.

The Argentine striker played for the last time at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday against Everton, scoring two goals and getting very close to a hat trick as he bid farewell in the classiest way possible. If given the chance on Saturday, would the club’s all time goal scorer play for the last time wearing a Manchester City jersey?

When Guardiola was asked if there was a chance for Aguero to play on Saturday, it was clear in his response he was considered but would not be part of the starting eleven. “Yeah of course, we have five subs, of course, he has a special feeling. Something special. Of course he will be ready if we need him to help us to win the Champions League.” said by the City manager.

On Saturday, the 32 year old forward was also questioned if his goals were a reminder for Pep to sub him in the final. He eagerly responded “I hope, I hope, I hope, but I don’t know. If I play ten minutes I will do all the best.” His impressive stats are a reminder that he is always ready when this team needs him. With five Premier League titles, twelve hat tricks, one FA cup and six League Cups, an important one remains missing.

As City play their first Champions League Final and have succeeded most of the season without a striker we wonder, should Sergio Aguero be substituted in against Chelsea?

However, even if Aguero isn’t able to score on Saturday, it goes without saying he has fulfilled the dreams of many Manchester City fans and is hopefully able to lift one last important cup with the team, the Champions League trophy.