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Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne Praise Manchester City’s Reaction in UCL Match

City stars proud of reaction under adverse climate.

Manchester City v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Phil. Foden and Kevin De Bruyne were instrumental as the Cardiac Cityzens strike again and won thanks to a 90 minute winner by Foden.

Both players speaking after the match had loads of praise for their teammates and the way the team reacted to a tough and complicated team in Dortmund.

Let’s dive in-

Starting with Foden who praised De Bruyne’s impact

“We know how special he is,” he said. “He always finds the right pass at the right time.

“It’s a relief, we had a lot of chances before that to put us way up. In the end I’m just happy to score and help the team in a crucial time for us.

“We’re always confident and try to stay focused for the full 90. They’re a great team so they’ll have spells where they’re going to have the ball, it’s going to be a really interesting game [second-leg] and we have to stay focused for the full 90.

“As a team we’re doing brilliantly, we’re fighting for everything we can and we’ll fight to the end.

De Bruyne added

“The reaction from us was good.

“2-1 is a tricky score but at least we go ahead with the second leg. In the first half we had a little bit of difficulty creating chances but we did better in the second half. We maybe should have scored more.

“They play really well between the lines and it happens, the reaction was good and we had a good game.”

“I can’t really remember the beginning of the action but Phil played it across to Riyad and we pounced on the opportunity,” he said when recalling the opener. “It was good for us.

“I try to look up before I get the ball, I try to get a picture of what is happening and I was seeing Phil and Gundo running to the second ball so I tried to chip it.

“It was good that it went just above the defender. It was a good action, that’s all that matters.”

“We are able to compete for every trophy and that is what everybody wants to do.

“We try to take it game by game and now we need to prepare ourselves for Saturday [against Leeds].”

What a pair we have in midfield. With the news of De Bruyne’s extension, we will have these two for a long time.