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Rodrigo: “We want to achieve big things, keep calm and play our game.”

Spaniard confident in City’s chances Tuesday.

Everton v Manchester City: The Emirates FA Cup Quarter Final Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Rodrigo see’s Borussia Dortmund as a whole team that will really challenge Manchester City on Tuesday. The Spaniard, speaking prior to the UCL first leg, spoke about how Dortmund is more than Erling Haaland and how City must be in top shape tie win this tie.

Let’s dive in-

“We don’t focus on individual players. We analyse them as a team and how they usually play.

“It’s important to know the individual players but we have to be focused on the team.

“There are some players I don’t know much about because they are young but they have an unbelievable squad.

“They show they can score lots of goals. They concede, also, but they are dangerous.

“We don’t have to change our way of playing. We take the ball, control counter attacks and control dangerous players.

“The key is if we do a good performance in our way - and control the game in our way - I think it will be good for us.”

“We have the opportunity to get back in this situation and prove to ourselves we are ready for every challenge,” he reflected.

“This season, we showed when we do our game and we are focused on our game, we have a lot of chances.

“It’s true after a difficult defeat you learn and face the next time with more ambition and desire. That is what we are going to try and do.

“But we must focus, not accelerate. We want to achieve big things, keep calm and play our game.”

“Sergio is a very important player for us. Of course, he deserves to go in the best way from this club.

“For me, it would be a dream to achieve this competition with him and the team.

“It would be the best present for him and everyone.”

Rodri will be crucial in the defensive game plan as Dortmund have several deadly attacking options in Jadon Sancho, Marcos Reus and the aforementioned Haaland. It will be a chess match as both team’s look to get the most out of this first leg.

We’ll see how City fare soon.