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Manchester City vs PSG: What Center Back Pairing does Pep Guardiola go with?

Is John Stones the odd man out?

Olympique de Marseille v Manchester City: Group C - UEFA Champions League Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola has a team selection dilemma vs PSG. As we near the UCL semi final first leg match between Manchester City and PSG, Pep needs to be certain of who to start.

The Catalan has two likely outcomes, but he can only choose one. Starting with Ruben Dias, he is a near guaranteed starter Wednesday. The other choice becomes tricky.

To go with Aymeric Laporte would be rewarding Sunday’ heroic performance as he scored the lone goal to earn Manchester City’s forth successive League Cup. He is a great stalwart for the club and has not been as active this season due to injuries. He represents a solid option as he has regained form and is playing well.

On the flip side you have John Stones who has been a revelation this season playing incredibly well when Laporte went down in the fall. He recently had mistake or two that has thrown his starter status in to question. One has to also wonder if the red card that forced Stones to miss the League Cup final could work to his negative.

In my mind, you have to give Stones the start. It would serve as vote of confidence in his favor and with it being the first leg it could be a little less pressurized than the second match. This way, adjustments can be made for the second leg if necessary.

Thoughts on the center back dilemma?