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UEFA President Warning To Manchester City And Other ESL Rebel Clubs

English Teams Will Have To Face Consequences, Says Ceferin

45th Ordinary UEFA Congress Photo by Paul Murphy - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has warned the 12 clubs that announced a breakaway European Super League that they will have to ‘face the consequences’ of their actions.

Manchester City were one of the 12 clubs that stated their intention on Sunday evening, although the blues withdrew support for the project on Tuesday, a move which prompted 8 other clubs to follow suit.

“We expect everyone to realise their mistake and suffer the consequences. We will talk about it next week,” Ceferin said without indicating what sort of punishment would be in store. “If these clubs want to play in our competition again, they will have to get close to us and we will have to evaluate what happened, but I don’t want to go into details, as we are still talking to our legal team.”

But Ceferin hinted that the English clubs may escape the harshest penalties when UEFA make a decision on the 12. “I would say that the English clubs have made a very good decision and we will take that into account,” he said, although the six could face some sort of punishment from the FA and Premier League for their actions.

The blues were joined by Chelsea, United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs in leaving the new league, while Atletico Madrid, AC and Inter Milan followed suit the next day.

City have since contacted supporters in writing to express their regret at their decision after receiving a huge backlash from angry supporters.

Ceferin was speaking to Slovenian news outlet 24UR.