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Real Madrid President Blames Manchester City for Super League Collapse

Super League is nearly dead and the finger pointing has started.

The Real Madrid and Manchester City Club Badges Photo by Visionhaus

Real Madrid President has began the finger pointing. He blamed Manchester City for the colossal Super League failure. Sid Lowe of the Guardian reported today that Florentino Perez has blamed City as the main culprit.

He said-

“There was one of the English clubs who didn’t seem so interested and that spread to the rest,” Pérez said. “They signed the contract but we could already see that that they were not convinced. And then the avalanche started, the Premier League ‘heating things up’. They said: ‘We’re going to pull out for now.’ There was a club that you could tell wasn’t as interested but they worked with us and signed up.”

Then when pressed as to reveal what club it was he said-

“The one from Manchester saw the campaign saying this will kill the leagues, that it won’t allow [sporting] merit, that it was the end of football. There are people who have privileges and don’t want to lose them, even if it ruins football. When the English called me [on Tuesday], we met to see what we could do. They tried, but said: ‘Look, we’re not going to do this.’ ”

Asked about why English clubs started pulling out he said-

“Because they saw the atmosphere. Uefa turned it into a show. It was as if we had dropped an atomic bomb. Maybe we didn’t explain it well but they didn’t give us the chance to. Why? Because they didn’t want us to. I have never seen such aggressiveness; it was orchestrated. They next day they killed us. They were waiting for us. I think they knew we were going to do it. There were threats, insults, as if we had killed football.

“The owners are mostly not English. They’re not in it to make money, they have teams in America, love sport and they found themselves in a position they didn’t expect. They’re old, they got scared,”

Finally, Perez claims the Super League is not dead-

“We are going to keep working. We are looking for ways of getting this done. It would be a shame not to get it done.”

A lot to unpack. Perez certainly has had some takes this past week. From claiming young people don’t watch football to shortening matches, he’s had some wild claims and little substance.

Blaming City now has not helped and he has turned nearly everyone in football against him and Real Madrid.

We’ll await any more developments, but the Super League seems as good as dead.