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Manchester City Officially One of 12 Founding Clubs Joining The Super League

Has football jumped the proverbial shark?

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Manchester City - Borussia Dortmund Photo by Lindsey Parnaby/picture alliance via Getty Images

Welcome to the European Super League.

Manchester City has joined as expected and is a part of the next step into the reformation of world football.

One that will see an revenue trump everything else and the same clubs playing each other. The magic is gone.

All founding clubs have also left the ECA.

Here is the full list of founding clubs-

Manchester City released a statement late Sunday night or early Monday morning and has been silent on social media otherwise-

The formation of the Super League comes at a time when the global pandemic has accelerated the instability in the existing European football economic model. Further, for a number of years, the Founding Clubs have had the objective of improving the quality and intensity of existing European competitions throughout each season, and of creating a format for top clubs and players to compete on a regular basis.

In addition, the competition will be built on a sustainable financial foundation with all Founding Clubs signing up to a spending framework. In exchange for their commitment, Founding Clubs will receive an amount of €3.5 billion solely to support their infrastructure investment plans and to offset the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Adding to the lunacy is City in their statement quoting Joel Glazer of Manchester United and Florentino Perez of Real Madrid. Find the full statement here.

Still, there is so much to play as UEFA and FIFA have threatened participation not only in domestic league and European competitions, but International one’s as well. That means the court systems all across Europe will be busy as well. European Union delegates and other local government officials, France and England most notably are also on the case pushing against. Pandora’s box for football has officially opened.

Lastly, over a decade of talks and this was unveiled as their logo-

Now we await more develpoments.