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Joao Cancelo: “I love the way Pep sees football and the way our team plays,”

Star fullback admire Pep and his tactics.

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Manchester City v Leeds United - Premier League Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Joao Cancelo knows how important Pep Guardiola is to the team and CFG a a whole. Speaking recently to City+, the Portuguese fullback was full of praise for the manager.

Let’s see what he had to say-

“I love the way Pep sees football and the way our team plays,” Cancelo asserts.

“Our manager is tactically amazing. He thinks about each moment of the game meticulously and that helps us enormously.”

“All the merit to our team, staff, everyone who gets the videos we watched, the chefs who prepare our meals and everyone had a contribution to our good form,” Joao continued.

“We are a very unified group of players dedicated and ready to help each other and we have what it takes to win important titles.”

Joao has had breakout season and while it has cool in recent weeks, he has had a major impact in City’s form this season.

It’s great to see the players recognize Pep as the genius he’s been.

This only helps as the season winds down and focus is of the upmost importance.