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Manchester City Suffer Defeat v Manchester United , 0-2: Reaction & Tweets

Pep and his club got this one wrong.

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Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Peter Powell - Pool/Getty Images

The streak is over. 21 straight wins and 28 matches undefeated was the final tally as Manchester City fell at home to a resilient Manchester United, 0-2.

Pep and his managerial staff got it wrong. From leaving Phil Foden and Bernardo Silva on the bench, to there being no real passion or drive from most of the players. It was a bad night at the Etihad. Best summed by one word, lethargic.

Positives remain as City are still top of the league by 11 points and now can focus more clearer without chasing a record.

We move, hopefully on to winning titles.

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“We have done incredible, but today the news is we lost so congrats Man United for this victory, but we are trying to win the Premier League,” Guardiola asserted.

“We will try to win the Premier League and we need to win six or seven games and now when you arrive in the last 10 games, everything is going to be shorter.

“Our opponents would have to win all their games and then we would have to lose four or five.

“What we need to do is recover.

“I will not speak to the team tomorrow but on the day of the game I will tell the team how incredible they are because of the way we lost today and kept going to the end against an incredibly difficult team who have been one year unbeaten away from home.

“Having the margin we have at the top; it is in our hands but what we need now is new fresh legs next Wednesday and try to win another game.”

“I’m not going to analyse thinking we won 21 and that we were perfect -no,” Guardiola added.

“Like when we won all the games we won, thinking ‘that is perfect’- it is important to consider how we played whether we win or lose.

“Congratulations to Man United for the victory. We conceded the first goal against a tough team and they are so strong so it was so difficult.

“After the first goal, for the first 5-10 mins we were a little bit out but after that we came back to the game.

“For example, we played much better than we did against West Ham when we perhaps didn’t deserve three points.”

“I am pretty sure that after we won games lately, that this was going to happen.

“The way we will play Southampton will be completely different to how we played United and we are going to approach and decide how we are going to play and then try to do it.”

Notable Tweets