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Erling Haaland is ‘Primary Objective’ for Manchester City

Could this deal be done soon?


A new report claims Manchester City has put Erling Haaland as priority number 1 for this summer’s transfer window. From ‘The Telegraph’, the claim is all effort will be to sign him first and foremost.

The striker, whose already familiar with City as his dad played here in the early 2000’s and could be even more keen to a move as Borussia Dortmund are in danger of missing out of the Champions League entirely.

It could be done quicker than we all anticipate and even the dealings with Mino Raiola don’t seem to deter City.

The price will be higher than 2022’s reported buy out clause and is probably looking at over 100 million Euros. That is fine by me, City never spend a ridiculous amount on one player and with the Leo Messi rumor's cooling off, this deal makes a ton of sense.

Haaland is a near perfect striker with a great blend of speed, awareness and dynamism. He should be priority #1.