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Pep Guardiola Responds to Manchester City’s Spending Criticism

Is it really fair?

Manchester City v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Matt McNulty/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

It is becoming the norm, and one that Manchester City faithful have to live with.

Whenever the team is enjoying a good run and some success, a large section of the media, rival clubs and fans dismiss it as being just a result of excess spending.

To them, neither the team nor the manager deserves any credit. Certainly not the club’s management and owners who splash the cash with reckless abandon at the slightest opportunity. They were unhappy to see City escape that European ban. It does not matter that the club was cleared of wrongdoing.

Once again, money must have been used to prevent justice from being served, they argue. If only they can come to terms with the reality staring at us all. Manchester City is now a European football heavyweight and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

It is what it is!

No amount of criticism can change the fact. But Pep Guardiola still had time to respond to the critics while speaking ahead of the Premier League game against West Ham. Possibly to remind them that things have changed. For good.

“We have this story behind us it will always be with us,” Guardiola stated.

“Not just one journalist but many say the only reason why we is because of the money, it should be true, we can accept it. There are other clubs that spent and have higher budgets than us.”

Also asked if other clubs faced the same criticism as City, he added: “That’s come for us. I would say, we were not there, in the last 30 or 40 years playing with elite clubs.

“When United won it was because they spent more money than the other ones the same with Barcelona and Madrid. I don’t feel we are much different to the top elite clubs in the world in those terms but we have to accept it and do the best job we can.”

Our success continues to infuriate many of our rivals. We know we came late to the party. But we are here already. Most fans had taken their positions with our rivals before City rose to prominence. Some of them work with the media houses.

And now they cannot bear to see this newcomer dominating their beloved clubs. So they try to slander the club out of jealousy. Unfortunately, that will not stop the Blue army. We are marching on to take our place at the pinnacle of European football.

Apparently, they hate us because they ain’t us. But if City’s performance in the last decade and the well-oiled machine of a management we have are anything to go by, we have come to stay. They may as well get used to the fact. Period!