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John Stones: “Everyone chips in or sometimes the person you don’t expect steps up and today it was me and Ruben”

The duo has played exceptionally well.

Manchester City v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Matt McNulty/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Joh Stones was effusive with Ruben Dias praise. The star pair was exceptional tonight v West Hama nd have moved to being a truly elite pair of defenders.

The defender spoke after the match and had this to say.

“You can only give credit to him for moving countries, coming to a new club and playing the way he’s played straight away,” he said. “He’s been outstanding and that’s just down to him. It’s a massive credit to him.

“We try and chip in and everyone’s out there working hard. Sometimes it doesn’t come off for the striker but today me and Ruben chipped in. That’s part of us being such a good team, and such a collective in big games.

“Everyone chips in or sometimes the person you don’t expect steps up and today it was me and Ruben. I’m glad to get the three points and keep the run going.”

“Yeah, they did make us work for it,” he said.

“A lot of credit to West Ham. We knew what they were coming here to do. Their position in the table speaks for itself.

“They gave us a great game today. We had to fight right until the last few minutes. I’m really satisfied.

“At half-time, we were a bit deflated after conceding late in the first half. We weren’t at our free-flowing football that we’re used to in recent weeks but that’s again how they set up against us.

“We showed great character from half time and through the second half.”

“We knew that we had to take it each game at a time, we knew our quality. We come about our business in our own way and we keep fighting.

“We set the bar so high in previous seasons and we want to get back there. We knew we had to fight, we have a bunch of fighters in the dressing room, everyone is playing games. It’s been an incredible few months and there’s still a few months left.

“We’re in every competition to try and win them. That is our target, with this mentality and spirit and hopefully, you never know what can happen.”

Just a great feeling all around and in the club. These two are a big reason why. It’s great to see and hopefully that leads to titles down the line.