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Pep Talk: “First of all, we have an incredibly strong organisation,”

The Catalan manager is confident in his backing by the team.

Borussia Mönchengladbach v Manchester City - UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Leg One Photo by Peter Zador/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola is incredibly happy with his team and the backing he has received.

The City manager then admits having top players is a big part of it, but says to show such stability over a sustained period, you need an organization that is strong in all areas, with staff capable of handling the demands of elite-level football.

That plus coaching leads to sustained success.

Let’s dive in to his comments-

“First of all, we have an incredibly strong organisation,” he said.

“Lovely people. The backroom staff, staff, players.

“But when you achieve what this club has achieved in four years - winning a lot of games - you have to have top players.

“There are other clubs with bigger budgets. We have to live with this.

“We have an incredibly strong organisation. The club supports us. In all departments, it’s incredible.

“It was the same in Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

“All departments in the club - we are a machine. But to win what we have done in the last four seasons - we won a lot of games, arrived in finals and won titles - you have to have good players.”

“The season will speak for itself - he [Moyes] knows football perfectly,” Pep said.

“Like Carlo Ancelotti, everything is calm. They live like a Buddha life!

“They have that experience to do this. It will be a really tough game tomorrow, really tight. They are a good team.

“After I don’t know how many games we played, they are in a Champions League position. That is not a good run, that’s many months and they are there.

“The rhythm they play is better now than other seasons.

“Antonio is as a headache for his movements - he is dangerous.

“David Moyes, I admire these kinds of people. Like Roy Hodgson - they have long careers. I would love these kinds of careers.

“He always takes care of me. My first game in England was against Sunderland. He was there and was so kind. He gave me advice on how to handle the Premier League.”

The challenge is not to win 20, 21 - the challenge is to beat West Ham.

The run is a consequence of what we do day-by-day

Interesting comments by Pep. It is for sure he is taking this match by match and not worried by the bigger undefeated streak picture. That is a good thing so as not to lose focus.

Next up is West Ham, let’s focus on that.