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Bernardo Silva: “We are (all) happy with how solid our defenders, goalkeeper and midfielders are playing...”

Star midfielder is happy with team’s direction.


Manchester City are on an elevated field this season. Standing at 19 wins, they are close to the all time record and will look to continue that.

On the way to defeat the Bundesliga side, City also racked up its 24th clean sheet of the season a crazy one more than achieved in the entirety of last season.

Bernardo speaking has said how this defense will be a crucial part of continuing the winning trend and much more.

Let’s dive in-

“It is the key to winning competitions; to have a solid defence, a solid team that doesn’t concede many chances or goals,” Bernado asserted.

“We are happy with how solid our defenders, goalkeeper and midfielders are and everyone helps from the striker to the goalkeeper.

“It is very important to be solid and try and concede as few goals as you can if you want to be successful.”

“It is true that we don’t have much time to prepare but it has been like this since the last six or eight months,”

“We are used to it and we know how tough it is. We have four competitions to play, we need to be 100% in all of them and now we have three days to prepare for West Ham in the Premier League and we are going to get ready.

“It is 19 games winning in all competitions so we have got to keep this momentum as long as we can.

“We know how tough the next few games are going to be, but we are half way through to making a good season to try to win some titles and we have to keep working a lot because it is going to be tough.”

Great comments by Bernardo. It seems safe to say this team is having a ball and enjoy playing under Pep. That has led to marvelous results.

Hopefully that continues v West Ham tomorrow.