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Raheem Sterling: “I’m 5 ft 7 and a half and got up really well there. I’m really happy!”

Englis winger on the moon with team and personal form.

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Arsenal v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Raheem Sterling is beyond ecstatic. The English winger scored an early and hugely important header to give Manchester City the victory over Arsenal.

After the match, Sterling spoke about the goal, City’s form and much more.

Let’s dive in-

“I’m 5 ft 7 and a half and got up really well there. I’m really happy,” he said. “Whenever I score a headed goal it’s an extra buzz. I’m happy with the goal. This one was a bit better of a leap and I was just happy to score.

“It’s not rare, I’ve scored a few in my time, but not many. It’s a real special one when I get my head on it. I didn’t know where it was going to land but you have to be in the box to score it and that’s exactly what I’ve done there.

“The one I should have tucked away was when Kevin put me through, I sat the guy down and hesitated a bit.

“I think we moved the ball well. Riyad [Mahrez] was really aggressive in the first five minutes and we kept the pressure on.”

“The two centre-halves, their partnership has been great this season, they have a great understanding - even with Aymeric [Laporte] there’s a really good unity and bond there,” he continued. “They’re trying to keep clean sheets and it’s a credit to them.

“It’s even better now because we had a difficult start to the season, it was something we’re not used to.

“We weren’t scoring as many goals as we’re used to and it’s a credit to the team that we started to dig results out. That’s the sign of a winning team that you have to dig results out.”

“I think any team you go to now, you can lose the game. We have just got to keep our focus and onto the next one.”

Loving the confidence. The players are all on god forma dn really enjoying it. It’s been a great sight that is leading to records being smashed it seems weekly.

A great time to be a Manchester City fan!