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Pep Talk: “When it comes to titles you want more,”

Pep is happy with season so far.

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Manchester City Press Conference and Training Session Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Another Pep Guardiola press conference! This timethe manager speaks on a variety of topics including, winning and its importantce, injury updates, Fernandinho and Bernardo Silva’s form and the match v Burnley,

Let’s dive in-

“You feel better when you win. When you win it is so addictive and you want to win again and again and again. When it comes to titles you want more,” Guardiola asserted.

“Especially because the players are good and the clubs where I have worked have been so good. This is the only reason. All athletes prefer to win than lose.

“It comes from there.

“Always I have the feeling that I can lose a game. That’s what drives you.

“Insecurity and fear and being scared that you can lose a game.

“Everyone is the same. Why should you stop if you are able to win? It comes from there.”

“We could drop points. Only I am concerned about Burnley. That’s all.

“When you start to think about the next game you can drop points. All I am concerned about is Sean Dyche’s team, making a good selection and winning the game.”

“Everyone is fine except Nathan and Sergio needs time,” said the City boss at his pre-match press conference.

“When one guy suffers COVID it can take weeks to feel better.

“He is still not training on the field. He started moving yesterday. He will need a few weeks to come back.

“The important thing is he is negative and he can come back to us.”

You cannot imagine the respect I have for Fernandinho.

“It is something that is special for me,. From day one to today. Not just on the pitch, but off it the thinks what is best for the team,.

“He is an authentic leader and always he is there. I am so satisfied he was chosen as captain and he represents this club magnificently.

“All the good things that happen to him he deserves, all the uncomfortable jobs for the team, he did it.

“Rodri will be the next holding midfielder here and Fernandinho is an incredible example,.

“He knows his role perfectly. He knows he can’t play three games a week - Rodri can do it, like Fernandinho before. But always he is ready.

“Always he has his feet on the ground and that’s the best we can get as a group.

“His feet are on the ground all the time and that’s why when he plays, he plays good.”

“What a huge competitor. (Bernardo Silva)

“He was absolutely brilliant against Sheffield United.

“His humility - in bad moments he never lost the smile. He had difficult period when he was accused of being something he was not.

“It was so hurtful for him and he struggled.

“But I am delighted he is back and playing the level we know.

“He can do everything. He is a top fantastic player.”

“Always I think when playing Burnley, especially away, is that it will never be easy,” he added.

“They have played together for Sean Dyche for a long time and they know what to do really well.

“The past is nothing. Every team is a new chance, a new challenge, to do a good game.

“I pay zero attention to what happened in the past. It is about tomorrow, what we have to do to beat them. That is only my concern.”

Interesting stuff. Pep does seem pleased with the team and why would he not? They’ve been on an incredible run of form. Hopefully that continues v Burnley.