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Manchester City Dispose of Watford, 3-1: Reaction & Tweets

What a win away!

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Watford v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Lynne Cameron/Manchester City

A great win away for Manchester City as they take command of the league. 3-1 was the final score as Bernardo and Sterling really shined. The result was made even better as, De Bruyne, Foden and Grealish are back.

Great result ad we move as leaders in the league. On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“Everyone is back, it doesn’t matter who plays, we are consistent and winning games but in football everything goes down in one second.

“More than pleased with what the guys have done in this tough period and now comes the toughest one for amount of games, weather, injuries.

“We keep going with this rhythm and try to play good.”

“We created more chances than Wednesday, but the game could be over after 15 minutes,” said Pep. “The most important thing is that we won.

“We played in a consistent way, controlled, we played a good game again.

“Take a look at what happened with Manchester United and Chelsea (at Vicarage Road). We played really well, we didn’t allow them to be who they are.

“I have a lot of respect for Claudio, but it’s not that Watford didn’t want to do it – we didn’t allow it.

“We keep going with this rhythm and try to play well.

“Now we have the momentum from Bernardo, another day it will be Phil, then Raz - the most important thing is the performance.

“The result can be random but consistency is the most important thing to help us be a stable team, that’s why we’ve won seven in a row.

“Today one team dropped points, next week it could be us or Liverpool - many things can happen.”

Notable Tweets