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Aymeric Laporte: “We’re very happy with our position in the Premier League.”

A jovial Laporte call for focus.

Brentford v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Craig Mercer/MB Media/Getty Images

Aymeric Laporte says Manchester City’s win at Brentford was the perfect end to 2021, but has urged his team-mates to stay focused after opening up an eight point lead at the top of the Premier League.

A usually fun player he has called for focus among festive times-

“Yes, [this is the perfect way to end 2021],” he said after the win at Brentford.

“We’re very happy with our position in the Premier League. We have to keep working, staying focused on what we have to do to win the Premier League.

“It is what we will do and we’re very happy with everything in 2021.

“We are very happy to be first at the moment. We want to stay focused to win every single game.”

A great stretch run here the last month or so for Laporte who has commanded the seconded CB spot along side Ruben Dias.

Good words as the club plays New Year’s Day.