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Pep Guardiola: “We more than deserved the victory but we know we can do better and better.”

A jolly Pep wants more.

Newcastle United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola knows his side can be better. The Catalan manager speaking after the match made it clear as he and his side have showed few lapses in play.

Let’s check out what he had to say-

“Exceptional [result], in a not very good performance at all.

“We were lucky for the goal we scored at the beginning of the game. The second goal was a brilliant action from Joao [Cancelo], but the way we played in the first half was one of the poorest of the season.

“The first half was a dangerous position. The second half was much, much better.

“During the season this can happen. It’s normal. You can’t be brilliant all the time.

“We more than deserved the victory but we know we can do better and better. In these types of games you might not be so brilliant, but the simple things we missed, not the complicated ones.

“To take a result is so important in this long season ahead of us.”

“We try to create a good environment to realise the danger is still here. We have to try it knowing it’s not easy, it’s a problem worldwide that’s still there. The virus is there, the new variant.

“We will support what the Premier League decides.”

Pep is probably right, though this form will need to be maintained as UCL crunch time and league is winding down in the spring. A thorough win was needed and now as we head in to boxing day and more matches, City are in a good position.

What say you, can Man City be even better?