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Riyad Mahrez: “Overall it was a good game and we deserved to win.”

A great player is happy.

Newcastle United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Riyad Mahrez is beyond happy as he and City won a clean game 4-0. Mahrez speaking after the match spoke calmly and cooly about the result and more.

Let’s dive in-

“Every game is a battle. It’s always good to score early in the game and that’s what we did. Overall it was a good game and we deserved to win.

“We had a very good second half. The first half wasn’t very good but we still scored two goals and stayed solid, but the second half we played so good and deserved to score even more goals to get the win.

“We never gave them an opportunity, but I think it was still a tough battle. They were very aggressive.

“It wasn’t an easy game, obviously when you score two quick goals you make it easy for yourself.”

“The numbers don’t matter. We just have to win game after game, try to play good to win. That’s the most important.

“The numbers, maybe at the end if you make a lot of wins, it’s nice to know. The most important is just to win the next game.”

True professional Riyad. He’s having one hell of a season and should it continue City will be n a great place to win many trophies.