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Pep Talk: “What we want is the high moments to continue as much as possible.”

A smiling Pep was all ears this press day.

Manchester City Press Conference Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola has reacted to the peculiar UCL draw, the injuries at the club and Jack Grealish’s adventure so far at City.

Let’s see what he had to say-

“It’s going to happen again, so I think that’s fair,” he explained at his press conference prior to City’s Premier League game against Leeds United.

“It was a mistake. These kinds of things sometimes happen, especially for the players and managers, so sometimes UEFA [can] too.

“We are going to wait. Like I always said, I am more than satisfied to be a part of that.

“I think it is fair. It is a mistake, so you have to repeat so there are no suspicions. All the opponents are tough.

“People say one is better than the other but all of them at this stage are difficult.”

On Grealish-

“He has to do exactly what he is doing, no more than that. The rest will come in time.

“He has chances to score two or three goals every game and one day he is going to do it.

“He could have scored a hat-trick against Watford without a problem. Last game [he could have scored] one or two goals again. It’s going to happen. The way he is playing is good.

“It was a difficult game [against Wolves], but he was patient and his decision making was good. He made a contribution.

“He has been so important for us so far this season. He has played a lot of minutes.

“The reason why we finished first in the Champions League group stage and are where we are in the Premier League is because of his contribution.

“He is going to improve, of course. During the season we don’t have 38 games where all the players are performing really well.

“Never in my career have I found a player in one season from the beginning to the end to stay on top.

“Sometimes there are high and lows. What we want is the high moments to continue as much as possible.”

“Everyone is fit except Ferran,”

“The same. Before, we played against them, we knew it, we felt it. It is one of the toughest opponents,” the City boss stressed.

“They play every week in a special unique way, and we play against the special and unique way just two times a year. It is completely different to other opponents.

“They are going to play in a way we are not used to in these kinds of games.

“But if there is one person who doesn’t complain about what happens, it is Marcelo. He loves to work when the situation is tough. You have seen the stats and style.

“There is no game where they don’t create more chances than the opponent.

“We will have to adapt to try and do what we want to do.”

Very wise from Pep, respecting Bielsa and his side immensely. On the injury front there was good news and the same with the draw. Pretty satisfactory day for ll involved.