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Bernardo Silva ‘Happier’ Now, Could Rule Out Transfer All Together

What a day for Silva fans!

Watford v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Lynne Cameron/Manchester City

We have news about Bernardo Silva’s status at the club.

After being reportedly unhappy all summer and nearly demanding a move, it seems his form partnered with some club concessions have made Silva a happy camper.

What those could be specifically are unknown, but it does seem he is enjoying life more and that’s really shown on the pitch as he has been not only Manchester City’s best player, but perhaps the best in the Premier League or world.

Even better, is that a move away from the club seems unlikely as ever now, which should placate fans who were worried he would be sold at a cut rate price.

Silva has been an upmost professional and his form has now matched it so it should come as no surprise that he wants to stay.

Plus, the other Portuguese players (Dias, Cancelo) have reportedly had a good impact on him as has friendships with Brazilians Ederson and Gabriel Jesus.

Either way it’s a relief and refreshing to see him excel on and off the pitch.

Let’s hope CIty can keep him longer term.