Is Aguero the Best International Forward In Premier League History?

(All stats from fbref)

Sergio Kun Aguero is undoubtedly the best striker in Manchester’s City’s history. With his career likely coming to an end, I wanted to reflect a bit on the question that many have pondered on for some time: is he the best international forward in the leagues history?

Now of course when you say this the typical names pop up. You get your Bergkamp hipsters, Van Persie bros, Drogba truthers, and of course your CR7 stans. But in my opinion only one has a true premier league resume that may supplant Aguero for best international premier league career: Theirry Henry. The frenchman is an icon and a legend all around the world. I am not going to compare the two legends, instead I want to focus on just how special Kun's career was.

Sergio Kun Aguero sealed his name in the history books in just his first season in the premier league. Before joining Manchester City in 2011, Aguero already had established himself as one of the next great strikers in world football. He already had a Europa League victory with Atletico Madrid, an Olympic Gold Medal with Argentina, and had won the World soccer young player of the year, all before joining our roster and all accomplished by the age of 22. Expectations were high for Man City’s big signing and since his first appearance, Aguero did nothing but deliver.

In the historic 2011-12 campaign, Aguero’s first season with the Cityzens, Aguero led the league in Goals + Assists per 90 min (1.08) and scored the third highest amount of overall goals in the league (23). The last arguably being the most famous in premier league history.

After a quiet follow up campaign (by his standards), Aguero set the league on fire for the next 7 seasons. He never had less than .90 Goals + Assists per 90 and was City’s leading goal scorer each season during this stretch. He also repeatedly led the league in expected goals per 90 and was a repeat menace to defenses. His ability as shifty poacher coupled with his eye to always make the right play in the box kept him and City always in title contention.

In his 10 seasons in the Premier League, Man City won the league 5 times and never placed lower than 4th. He left City as our all time leading goal scorer and is the 4th all time in premier league history with 184 goals in just 275 appearances. His goals per game ratio of .67 is second only to the great Thierry Henry.

Aguero’s resume is strong enough to be in the conversation to be considered the best, but at the end of the day, it ultimately comes to preference. I can’t knock someone who would rank some other international great above Aguero. But for me, the famous goal against QPR encapsulates exactly what makes him so great.

With the literal season on the line, Aguero received a ball at the edge of the final third. He found Balotelli and proceeded to make a devastating run without the ball. He later admits that he didn’t think he would get the ball back, but he still made it trusting in his teammate. He calmly lets two defenders run by him and the sliding Balotelli gave him a ball back. With all the world watching he somehow perfectly taps it around the sliding defender and rockets a shot into the back of the net so powerful he did a 360. A perfect mix of natural skill, unselfishness and pure unfettered competitive drive. Aguero gave his all in every game he played in a Man City shirt, and while his career is likely over, our love for him will stand the tests of time.