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Gundogan: “To play against the best teams in the world.” [That’s what UCL is about]

A great press availability by Ilkay.

Manchester City Training and Press Conference

Ilkay Gundogan is regaining his groove. Speaking at today’s pre-match press conference ahead of Wednesday’s latest Champions League group game at home to Paris Saint-Germain, Gundo spoke about Cancelo and the PSG match.

Let’s check it out-

“I think with Joao in the last few months he has been able to minimise mistakes and maximise the outcome of his individual situations.

“He is really a joy to watch at the moment. He is an attacking full-back but he is strong one on one. He is very important… he is crucial.

“That’s what this competition is about,”

“To play against the best teams in the world. PSG definitely belongs in the best teams. It is a great game for us.

“I also think in terms of what to expect in the near future of this competition once the group stage is done - it is not done yet for us we need one point - but as I said before it is what this competition is about.

“We are looking forward to it. It is a joy to play these kinds of teams and to see ourselves how we are able to do against these kinds of opponents.”

“Once you have been in the final you always want to go back. I feel privileged that I was able to play twice in the final. Unfortunately, I lost twice.

“There is still something left for me to achieve in this competition. I will try my best to get to the final, whether it is this year or another.

“We can do it, that should be the target for us.”

Gundo is a true leader, we are lucky to have him here. He will lead City and it should be a great match.