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Pep Talk: “When we are six seasons in one team, we face all ways to face opponents.”

A smiling Pep is ready for PSG challenge.

Manchester City Training and Press Conference

A great day of UCL football lays ahead as Manchester City face PSG. Pep Guardiola held his press day and had a lot to say.

Let’s get right in to it-

“I had the feeling every season is tougher to qualify for the last 16. Opponents, managers, players tougher and tougher. Tomorrow we have a chance to qualify and if we do that it would be so good for the club and players. We are going to try.”

“I am sure managers are better every year. Every season you have a lot of learnings. I am pretty sure he [Pochettino] is an excellent manager. You can be a top manager and not win titles. For the managers who have chance to win is because you are at top clubs, with good investment and top players. That doesn’t mean managers in the Championship or not at the top of the Premier League aren’t excellent managers.”

“When we are six seasons in one team, we face all ways to face opponents. We played aggressive, some sit back. Everyone knows the quality and personality that PSG have. Of course, it will be completely different to the last game against Everton.

“You cannot imagine. One of the reasons I extended my contract two times is because Txiki is here. I met him at home when I was 19. We are close friends, we work together incredibly well. When we win, we analyse why, when we lose we analyse why. We don’t judge.

“Manchester City is lucky to have him, he is so settled, I see what he is doing for the club. It is the ideal situation when the sporting director trusts the manager. He knows if we don’t win, he will be sacked and I will be sacked.

“It’s so difficult. Sometimes when he [Messi] has the ball, you don’t know what to do - not even he knows. Every player could be a star at teams around the world but all four are in the same team. I am so happy he is still playing and the level he plays and the quality.

“What these two guys have done will be almost impossible to imitate, maybe we will see it but I don’t think it will happen. It’s unique, I think. To find two players like Cristiano and Messi, and for them to do what they have done.

“[There are] some niggles for some players. Tomorrow we have the last training session and we will decide then who will play.

“Unfortunately, Kevin is not available.

“I don’t know [when his isolation period ends]. We will do another PCR test and then hopefully it will be negative and he will be back.”

Interesting by Pep. This match us sure to be cracking and City will want to win to be top of the group after.