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Kylian Mbappe to Manchester City Links are Back

Rumors, rumors, rumors.

France v Kazakhstan - 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Photo by Tnani Badreddine ATPImages/Getty Images

Ahhh, we are back! Kylian Mbappe and Manchester City, the ultimate link game as only City and Real Madrid are realistically in the race so every few weeks something will leak linking them.

Buried in a report from Italy, was that Mbappe is only considering City if Real Madrid can’t come close to his wage demands. That already makes me suspicious and frankly, makes it seems Mbappe and his entourage will use City to get extra money from Madrid. He would leave PSG for free and that makes it something City will look in to, but don’t think it will go far with his heart seemingly destined for the Spanish capital.

To add, City would in my mind prefer Erling Haaland from both the duration and an already established link with his father who featured at the club years ago.

No one doubts Mbappe’s talent but this seems like posturing to get Real to close out this deal sooner rather than later.