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Sergio Aguero Considers Retirement, Heart Condition Serious

It could be an end to a City’s legend’s career.

Manchester City v Everton - Premier League Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Sergio Aguero is a City legend and now he is said to be contemplating retirement. Initially it seemed he was in the clear but deeper tests and various Doctors have made this not a clear case. As for retirement, he will not be rushed.

A new report by ESPN says he won’t be rushed in to a decision, but that he is seriously considering retiring as an option -

A truly scary situation as Aguero deals with this. He has dealt with something like this before, but this seems much more serious and delicate.

The star striker left Man City this past Summer for Barcelona. He is surely still loved and appreciated by the City faithful.

Through all the Premier League’s, FA Cups, League Cup’s and more he will be appreciated for who he was both on and off the pitch.

The statue he will receive outside the Etihad is proof of that and will be enduring even after he retires.

Best of luck, Sergio and well wishes!