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Bernardo Silva and the Portugal Problem

Can this break ruin the star midfielder’s season?

Manchester United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

The international break! Some love it, some hate it, but what is true without a doubt is that it is for the most part clogged to all hell.

The break has been lamented by many for being too congested and especially in this time after the Corona virus pandemic made it even more compressed than usual.

Now, Bernardo Silva is in the cross hairs and his national side is doing him no favors.

As shown by his manager:

That is pretty dangerous rhetoric from a manager in the sense that he seems determined to overwork Silva. Silva could have played a lot this break and even with this one game respite, looks set to do so anyway.

Silva and the Portugal problem goes deeper than that as the calendar post stoppage of COVID has proven to be incredibly difficult on players. From multiple matches per week to some clubs playing in upwards of 15(!) matches a month, this is untenable.

Silva for his part is wise to set his parameters and even if Santos deems it over complaining the player has to be 100% to play and that is determined only by physicians and the player.

Thoughts on Silva and the overall congested calendar?