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Manchester City Draw in Fantastic Match: Reaction & Tweets

A great match v a true title rival.

Liverpool v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

A great match that other than some shoddy referring had everything you could want in a football match. A 2-2 draw was the final conclusion of this one as City and Liverpool went back and forth in an entertain clash. For City, this keeps them within pace and with 4/6 points from two incredibly tough away matches, City are in a good place.

On to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“The Premier League is the best league in the world,” said Pep.

“Both teams wanted to win and wanted to try - it was pretty good.

“We compete and play with incredible personality, I’m very pleased with the way we played, the result we cannot change,

“The way we played in Stamford Bridge, Paris and here, shows we are a great team.

“When my team play the way three games - we cannot forget which team we played. Liverpool one of the best three teams in the world - you played with courage and personality like we have done - we played here at a good level.

“Today, we didn’t lose but the draw is good, we just need to continue. I pray the players come back from international break safe.

“In the first half they didn’t have one chance. But in the second half we knew it with their momentum, but how we reacted was brilliant.

“The last two times we’ve been here we played with huge personality. I’m so pleased with that.

“The way we played the first half and last 15 minutes was devastating and really good.

“After they went 1-0 up, Anfield changes a lot. But we stayed in the game and we came back twice and I am incredibly satisfied.

“It wasn’t easy after coming back from Paris - the way we played the first half and then we are losing 1-0 and 2-1 the doesn’t give you the title but massive satisfaction

“The way the team lose a game shows me we are a good team. And the way we lost in Paris and came back today.

“Overall we have started the season well. The game against Tottenham we were not together with half the squad on holiday and the worst game was against Southampton - the rest we were really good in all departments.

“Hopefully the players come back good from international break and move forward.”

“The performance speaks for itself. It was magnificent - he’s a great player and an exceptional person.

“Phil is a special player, we know it. Fortunately he’s back now, he’s a fantastic player but not just him, Rodri Gabriel everyone was fantastic today.”

Notable Tweets