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Pep Talk: “I enjoy watching Brighton, ”

A true challenge ahead of City.

Club Brugge KV v Manchester City: Group A - UEFA Champions League Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Manchester City face a daunting challenge this weekend in a Brighton side that is out performing expectations. Pep spoke ahead of the match and complimented them and had much more to say.

Let’s dive in-

“I enjoy watching Brighton,” he said. “They are an exceptional team.

“They are the same team [as last season. We are] absolutely not [looking for revenge]. In football, you win or lose.

“Last season, we were Champions. We were preparing to play the Final of the Champions League. Now, we are fighting to be Champions - there is a big difference.”

“We have done it, not ‘I’ have done it. I’m a part of a process. You cannot imagine how I am supported unconditionally.

“Of course, the players are the main reason we are there but all staff, the backroom staff, all the success is because WE have done it.

“People believe we are responsible. The influence we have is much more minor than it actually is.

“In society, you want to point at one person. It’s difficult to understand everyone is involved.

“Never have I felt that ‘I’ won a game. It’s a team. I am good because my mates, the backroom staff helped me. I try to help them to be better. That’s the secret in our job.

“We need egos to be better but people who think just for themselves, I don’t like to be with them.”

“The team is in really good condition,”

Pep is in a good mood mostly, we’ll see how that impacts team selection. Should be a fantastic match.