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Joao Cancelo: “It was a very special night for all of us, for me as well.”

Joao complimentary on his teammates and himself.

Club Brugge KV v Manchester City - Group A - UEFA Champions League Photo by Perry van de Leuvert/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Joao Cancelo could be the best fullback in the world. The man has been on fie playing both left and right back. After UCL match v Club Brugge, the star back spoke about his teammate Phil Foden’s performance and himself.

Let’s check it out-

“It was a great pass from Phil [Foden],” he said. “He is a fantastic player and it was a fantastic pass. I’m not surprised about his pass.

“He is a great talent and has a lot of skills. He is one of the best young players I’ve played with. He has a promising future and will be one of the best in the world.

“It was a very special night for all of us, for me as well. The most important thing is the team.”

A case could be made that he is the best on the plane/ That said, it’s nice to see him commend his teammates. Let’s keep this energy going all season!!