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Kevin De Bruyne: “I feel much better and myself getting stronger.”

A frank and honest KDB.

Liverpool v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Kevin De Bruyne is in a great mood and getting better by the day. He spoke about the injury he sustained, how he’s dealing withy it and more. He also spoke about Brugge, let’s check it out.

“I feel much better,”

“There’s still a bit that can go up but after the three months with my ankle, I’d say in the last six months it’s been up and down so to come back I was in quite some pain.

“It was good we took the time off after the Spurs game.

“I feel much better and myself getting stronger. I know the coaches are saying the same, it’s going well now.”

“I’m excited to go back home, it’s the first time except for the national team since I left,”

“Brugge will be strong as a team. I know some of them play for the national team.

“Club Brugge is a strong team, they play well and have a lot of talent.

“In the last couple of years they’ve shown they can be champions more than once, they know exactly what they need to do to win.

“We are used to it now with Manchester City - in the Champions League, there will always be quality. You don’t end up here by pure luck, they definitely have the talent there.

“We won’t take them lightly.”

“In the last six years we’ve been in the last 16 once and quarter-finals or better. We’re always competing and we’re trying.

“That’s all we can do, and hopefully we’ll get one, but it doesn’t define our legacy.

“For people outside maybe yes but I‘m very happy with what we’ve done as a club over the last six years.”

A focused De Bruyne will be dangerous and him regaining form will be a problem for the rest of the opponents.